Why are dental turbine units with LED lights better?

Most dentists would always like a better view of the treatment site. A head-mounted dental light is inadequate for illumination in the restricted space of the mouth with various dental instruments and hands blocking the light. The best solution is to use instruments with an integrated light source that can directly illuminate the treatment site. Instruments with a halogen light transmitted directly to the head of the instrument via glass rods only a few millimetres from the bur have become standard equipment in recent decades. The field of illumination is restricted to the immediate vicinity of the bur.

Why are dental turbine units with LED lights better?

The first instruments with LED lights (LED = Light Emitting Diode) were manufactured in 2007. With a colour temperature of 5,500 K and a light intensity of 25,000 lux, LEDs provide daylight-quality light directly at the treatment site. The position of the LED on the instrument head provides a wide area of diffuse illumination over the complete treatment area.

In 2009 another innovation was contra-angle handpieces with an LED light that does not require a power supply from the dental unit. The power for the LED is supplied by a generator driven by forced air integrated into the instrument. This generator technology has been successfully used with oral-surgery instruments since 2007.

The first multi-LED light dental turbine unit with a unique 5x-LED ring in the world was presented at the International Dental Show in Cologne in 2013. Five LEDs in the head of the turbine provide 100% shadow-free illumination of the treatment site. This innovation establishes a completely new standard in lighting technology. For the first time the dentist is able to illuminate the preparation site from all angles. The improved view enables more precise work for restoration and prosthetics. The result is less stress and improved quality for both patient and dentist. Light instruments should be sterilisable and thermo washer disinfectable to allow complete integration in the practice and the hygiene process.

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