Why is the correct use of dental suction unit important?

Fear of visiting the dentist and undergoing oral surgery can make patients reluctant to seek dental care and increase their discomfort when they do. Many Americans suffer from some form of dental anxiety. Oral surgery to treat cavities, infections, broken teeth, and jaw and gingival health issues are among the most common medical procedures.

Why is the correct use of dental suction unit important?

The use of dental suction unit for treatment is almost always necessary to remove excess saliva and fluids during a dental procedure. Suctioning also maintains a clean oral cavity and can prevent choking and aspiration. For some dental procedures, it is important to isolate individual teeth in addition to suctioning the mouth. A dental dam or cotton roll may be appropriate. Dry-angle absorption, which uses a triangular absorbent pad, may also be helpful.

You must also suction patients when:

They cannot swallow or clear the airway on their own.
Equipment or a tooth breaks, posing an immediate risk of aspiration or choking.
The patient expresses discomfort from accumulating saliva or other fluids.

Although most procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, dental surgery can also be an emergency procedure in the event of an obstructive injury to the teeth or jaws, a serious infection, or an injury that complicates other conditions. Whether performing dental suction in an office, in a hospital, or in an emergency setting, the right technique can lower the risk of complications and ease patient anxiety.

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