How to eliminate your fear of dental cleaning?

Here’s how an dental ultrasonic scaler works:

The tip of the scaler is a thin tube that sprays cool water.
When held against the tooth, the vibrations bounce against the tooth.
This causes the plaque to break up and come off. The ultrasonic vibrations are so powerful that even hardened tartar breaks off.
The water coming from the scaler then washes the broken debris away.
Traditional manual scaling methods can damage the enamel of the tooth or bother the gums. Ultrasonic scalers don’t have this problem. Using only the vibrations from the scaler, patients can expect a painless cleaning that’s more effective than manual scaling.

How to eliminate your fear of dental cleaning?

Researchers are still finding new ways to use ultrasound at the dentist. Soon we’ll be able to leave our lead smocks behind with the portable dental x-ray machine. Ultrasonic waves are able to assess the integrity and strength of the internal structures of a tooth better than x-ray!

Speak with your dentist about what tools they use for a painless patient experience, as each dentist has different preferences for their tools. Use this as an opportunity to get to know your dentist how they like to work; it’s the first step towards knocking that fear of your dental cleaning!

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