Types of Dental Lab Zirconia Blocks

The 3D Multi-layer dental zirconia block has unique features of shade, translucency, and strength change in one block. It is best preferred for the open dental cad cam milling system. Some of its features include;

Different shades are available ie Vita 16 A-D shades available
6 layers of shade transition in nature from cervical to incisal.
High translucency (43-57% total light transmittance from cervical to incisal)
High flexural strength (600-900Mpa:600Mpa in incisal transfer to 900Mpa in the cervix);

  1. 3D Pro Multilayer Dental Zirconia Blocks
    The 3D Pro Multilayer Dental Zirconia Blocks have a high melting point of Melting point, therefore it can repel melting during the milling process.

Its Features:
Have good flowability
High melting point
Simple to treat and clean as they have good anti-static properties
Less adherence to milling equipment eases the use of hand milling
Features a three-dimensional gradient
Strong nature, therefore it lasts for long;

Aesthetic Restoration Zirconia Multilayer
  1. Preshade Dental Zirconia Blocks-Wieland System

Vita 16 colors pre shade dental zirconia blocks series;
4Pc minimum quantity, DHL Delivery.

Product Features:
Pre-shaded technics
Uniform color
Without post dyeing process
Suitable for all contour crown, bridge, and anterior
Safety: No irritation, No corrosion, Good bio-compatibility
Beauty: Natural teeth color can be reproduced
Comfort: Low thermal conductivity, hot and cold changes do not stimulate the pulp
Durability: Over 1200MPa perturbed strength, durable and useful.

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