Why Window Lighting IS So Important For Dental Surgery

The surgery lighting would need to be designed regardless of the external illumination of the window, as during the winter and bad weather, this can be non-existent, and windows may need to be screened with film or blinds in order to maintain the optimal light level. Although, natural light can improve patient comfort, increased productivity and improved shadow matching.


The north direction of the window is most preferable for relying on natural light, as the morning sunlight may be too bright from the east. The direction of the South is very good, especially in the winter months and Western orientation cannot be relied upon.

Professional dental lighting fixtures are built to mimic sunlight as much as possible, so window lighting is usually a form and certainly not required.

The quality of the illumination during your surgery can be assessed by the following points.

Lighting should be clean and uniform, no shadow

Colors and tones should be easy to match and there is no difference under natural light

During or at the end of the day, there should be no problems with eye strain or headache

Dental operatory lights are standard fixtures in every dental practice, because without these lights, dentistry will be in the dark ages. Things as simple as the mouth can actually determine the success of a dental procedure. Therefore, choosing the right dental light is critical to your long-term interest.

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