Differences Between Rear Delivery And Over-The-Patient Delivery for Dentists

Today, both rear and over-the-patient delivery systems very common among dentists. Each of them has their own list of pros and cons, but the final decision will ultimately come down to which setting is best for your continued use. Selecting the right dental delivery system for you and your patients can greatly simplify your practice.


The rear delivery design places the dentist near the head of the dentist’s chair with tools and materials behind and off to one side of the patient. Keeping all of the formidable tools out from the patient’s view helps patients reduce their stress while they are in the operatory. Using a rear delivery system is the most cost-effective way to manage placement and keep everything unaffected so that the upper and surrounding areas of the dentist’s chair can accommodate other large diagnostic equipment.

But the rear delivery does have some limitations. It does not provide equal access to right and left-handed doctors, and once it is placed in one position, it can’t be repositioned without significant emphasis. In addition, dentists who work alone without the assistants handing over the tools on request require more back-feeding systems for twisting, bending and stretching throughout the day. It slows down your speed and may cause discomfort over long periods of time after repeated movements and one-way stretching.

Over-the-patient delivery method is a more compact way of handling tools and equipment. Everything you need can be easily hung on the patient and placed directly where you work. This reduces the floor space you need and allows for more movement around the patient’s head. This type of system is more versatile for right and left-handed dentists.

Over-the-patient system may be more costly than rear delivery. Moreover, the presence of tools suspended from the patient’s body and in a plan view is a known cause of patient anxiety and concern. Another disadvantage of over-the-patient system is that shorter dentists find that there is still a large distance from their seating position, especially if the hanging block is too far away from the length of the chair. Assistants may still be needed to bridge the gap in distance to make it workable.

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