What Are The Features of Reduction Contra-angle Handpiece

Reduction contra-angle is perfect for procedures that require low speeds and high torque using a right angle/ latch type burs. It is widely used in dental implant procedures, so a lot of people also call is as dental implant contra angle.


The Reduction contra-angle handpiece on Dentalsalemall.com meets different treatment needs and provides convenience and flexibility for each clinician’s diverse needs.

It is easy and simple to disassemble without tools and can be cleaned  thoroughly to avoid cross infections.The cooling system fatures double-hole atomization, high-precision gears and super torsion. We take the following products as an example:

BEING 20:1 Dental Fiber Optic implant Surgery Contra Angle Handpiece Kavo NSK

20:1 Speed decrease
Implant surgery contra angle handpiece with internal cooling system, single water spray.
Fiber optic
Max rotation speed: 2,000rpm(With micromotor by max speed: 40,000rpm)
Bur applicable: 2.334-2.35mm
MAX Torque: 80N
ISO E Type connection, compatible with Kavo, NSK air motor etc.

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