Can You Scale Teeth By yourself With Dental Scaler At Home?

Dental scaler for home use will be dangerous when used around the gums because they usually have multiple sharp edges. Their intended use is to remove tartar (calculus), stains and plaque buildup. This helps to prevent gum disease, which can cause your gums to bleed and your teeth to loosen over time.


Dental scaling may cause damages if it is attempted by someone untrained in the area of dental hygiene, here are some examples:

Tooth Enamel: The teeth may become chipped or broken during the scaling by an inexperienced individual.

Gum Tissue: Because the dental scaling is completed above and below the gum line, the gums may not only become painful and bleeding, but also undergo irreversible damage if it is completed by an untrained person.

Tongue, Cheeks and Other Soft Tissues: Unfortunately, people who have not received specialized training in dental hygiene skills may inadvertently cause damage to the tongue, cheek or other soft tissue areas of the mouth.

The dentists who have worked in the dental field for more than six years, even dental hygienists rarely scale their own teeth, because it requires reaching difficult angles with a sharp instrument, such as multiplier contra-angle handpiece.

Therefore, the safest way to clean your teeth is to visit a dental professional – a dentist or dental hygienist. They not only can help assist you with a comprehensive oral health plan, but also can advise on any problem areas that require special attention. So please discuss with your dental professional your desire to utilize a dental scaler on your own smile so that they can demonstrate effective techniques and address any concerns.

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