What Is Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning is the process of removing any harmful substances from the surface of the teeth. This substance may include tartar and plaque. Dental cleaning is a procedure that should be performed at least twice a year to ensure dental hygiene.


The dental cleaning procedure is only slightly different from the dental deep cleaning procedure, as the deep cleaning procedure also involves root shaving. The root planning is when the dentist cleaning the teeth also removes any parts of the patient’s tooth structure that may be infected and then continues to smooth the root surfaces. Ultrasonic scaler with water bottle may be used during this procedure. These two programs are ambiguous because most dentists will do them as a single procedure.

As with many other dental procedures, the dental cleaning and deep cleaning procedures should be performed by a qualified dentist or dental hygienist. This is because these professionals use the right equipment and technology to ensure the safe execution of the procedures.

During the dental cleaning procedure, the dentist will use a variety of tools (a scaler and a polisher) to ensure that the patient’s teeth are completely clean from plaque and tartar. The dental polishing machine is used to “polish” the teeth so that tiny plaque can be easily removed. Dentists usually have different sizes of cleaning heads for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. The dentist uses a scaler that looks similar to a small metal hook to eliminate hard plaque that may exist between the teeth. The dentist can also provide the patient with a mouthwash solution so that they can wash the plaque multiple times during the cleaning procedure.

Dental cleaning costs vary by dental cleaning dentist, depending on their expertise and geographic location in the field. It is important to note that brushing and flossing are equally important for proper dental hygiene, so please visit the dentist for dental cleaning at least once every six months.

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