How Does LED Light Whiten Teeth?

Yellowing of the teeth is an unfortunate aging fact, coupled with many different lifestyle factors such as smoking and drinking. Many people are now turning to tooth whitening methods to restore their pearl white. Office teeth whitening and dentistry and beauty laser teeth whitening have good results, but can be very expensive.


More and more people are choosing to use theLED Teeth Whitening Machine to treat themselves in their comfortable home. To help you determine when LED teeth whitening is right for you, we will discuss how LED light can whiten teeth.

Principles Of Teeth Whitening

Typically, tooth whitening works by treating the teeth with agents that may or may not be bleach-based. Then, in order to accelerate the reaction, a blue light source is irradiated on the treated teeth. In the past, ultraviolet (UV) light was widely used as a light source. However, there is now a concern about the risk of using UV light. Ultraviolet light is an ionizing radiation that can cause cell mutations and potential cancers. This is of particular concern in the oral cavity because the oral tissue is very sensitive.

How Does LED Light Make Teeth Whiter?

LED lights are used with tooth whitening agents. If used alone, light does not change the color of the teeth. However, when used with a whitening agent, it acts as a catalyst to accelerate the reaction. The agent is usually hydrogen peroxide or urea peroxide, which are all active ingredients. For example, urea peroxide is a slow acting bleaching agent that reacts when applied to teeth and decomposes into hydrogen peroxide and urea. Urea is a waste, but hydrogen peroxide removes surface stains and deeper discoloration by changing its chemical structure.

Where to Get The Best Led Teeth Whitening Machine

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