Does Your Dental Delivery System Bring You Pain?

Manufacturers frequently tout the esthetic and productivity features of different delivery systems, however the way the system is used and adjusted can either benefit or worsen your health. Therefore, it is especially important to choose a right dental delivery system.


Rear Delivery Systems

The rear delivery system works best when implementing true four-handed dentistry (ie, the equipment is within reach of the assistant, who transfers all instruments to the dentist, retrieves handpieces and changes burs).

However, most dentists with rear delivery do not make full use of the assistant and repeatedly twist to one side to retrieve the instruments and handpieces. And repeatedly twisting in one direction will cause low back pain. Doctors with rear delivery systems must learn to make the most use of assistant or choose different style of delivery to prevent back injuries.

Rear delivery is the worst delivery method in the two-hand function (ie, hygienic operation). To avoid damaging twisting motions, hygienist using the rear delivery system should try to retrieve instruments with the closest (non-dominant) hand to avoid repeated twisting or  reaching across the body and then transfer the instrument to the dominant hand.

Side-Delivery Systems

Side-delivery systems are the best choice for hygienic operators because they encourage less trunk-twisting than rear delivery systems and can easily move with the hygienist around the patient’s head.

Over-the-Patient Systems

The over-the-patient delivery systems are located over the patient’s chest as its name, so you can move freely from the 8 o’clock to the 12 o’clock positions around the patient’s head. For operators with short torso, this design may not be ideal, and they may be forced to repeatedly stretch upward for instruments, risking neck and shoulder pain. This can be solved by a saddle stool that naturally makes the operator higher and allows lower placement of the delivery system.

Today the dental delivery system we will suggest for you is this GREELOY GU-P209 Dental Delivery Unit Mobile Cart Self-contained Air Compressor  Scaler  LED Curing Light, which features

1. Stunning combination of treatment instruments and suction device all in a single cart! Equip with a powerful compressor, it will assure you with uninterrupted and quick service with an extremely quiet operation.

2. This mobile cart does not require any installation and can be straight away used to treat your patient in your own dental clinic, hospitals, nursing homes or other institutions.

3. It is light weight for an easy maneuvering, making you to simply push the smart cart from one to the next.

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