Detailed Features of Endodontic Motors

The endodontic motors can provide the clinician with the ability to use endodontic files with constant and precise torque suitable for the tube being treated. Many of these systems offer programmable settings, automatic reverse functions designed to reduce file corruption, and some even feature integrated vertex locators. A dental appliance is a dental appliance consisting of a control unit and a handle, the end of which is inserted into the pulp file. Reciprocating or alternate rotation is an optional feature of the pulp motor and should be taken into account when selecting.


Such as the 2017 New COXO Dental Endodontic Treatment Endo Motor Apex Locator C Smart I Pro from site We can simply refer to it as coxo c smart 1 pro endo motor. It features as the followings:


1-Big size color LCD, rich information display

2-Touch button,simple and easy to use

3-Imported special motor,mute,big torque

4-Detachable handle LED lighting system,the operation Vision is more clear

5-16:1 NSK  Endo-mate interchange push button contra angle

6-Effective precision motor drive and multi frequency root cannal measurement technology can simultaneously achieve root canal measurement and preparation

7-Including mainstream root canal expansion system,like Dentsply Wave one、VDW Reciproc,no need to set up,just choose and use

8-High capacity rechargeable battery


Adaptor working voltage:  100-240Vac,50/60HZ;

Adjustable torque range:

5 setting adjustable ratational speed ranging: 150rpm-650rpm

Volume(cm):   23.5x20x14.5

Weight(kg)/PCS:   2.8

Packing material:   carton

QTY per master carton:  1pc/ctn

Packing list:

1. Main control unit

2. Motor handpiece

3. 16:1 contra angle for endo motor

4. File holder

5. Lip hooks 

6. Test wires

7. Lip hook wire

8.  Lighting device

9. Tester

10. AC Adapter

11. Handpiece stand

12. Users’ manual

13. Quick use guide

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