What Is A Dental Handpiece?

A dental handpiece or drill is a hand-held mechanical instrument used to perform a variety of common dental procedures, including removing decay, polishing fillers, and changing prostheses. The phone itself consists of internal mechanical components that initiate rotational forces and power cutting instruments (usually dental burrs). The type of device used clinically will vary depending on the desired function as defined by the dental procedure. Light source and cooling water sprinkler systems are often incorporated into certain handpieces; this increases program visibility, accuracy and overall success rate. YUSENDENT C-Smart Mini 2 Wireless Endodontic Micromotor Endo Mate Handpiece is on sale now.


Dental Handpiece is typed with two according to its speed: High-speed handpiece and Low-speed handpiece.

High-speed handpiece

High-speed handpieces(such as coxo high speed handpiece) cut at speeds in excess of 180,000 rpm. They are technically divided into air turbines and speed up, depending on their mechanism. However, in a clinical setting, air turbine handsets are often referred to as “high speed.” The handpiece has a collet or collet for holding the tool, called a burr or drill.

Low-speed handpiece

Low-speed handpieces operate at much slower speeds with high speed and speed-increased handpieces and are typically driven by rotating blade motors rather than air turbines. They work at speeds between 600 and 25,000 rpm. The internal transmission is very similar to the internal transmission of the speed-increasing handpiece. The main difference between the two is that they have internal gearing at slow speeds and they use latching burrs instead of rubbing burrs.

The instrument needs to be sterilized after each use to prevent infection in the next incision. Due to the mechanical construction of the equipment, alcohol disinfectants cannot be used as this will destroy the lubricant. Instead, it must be done in the autoclave after removing the drill bit, washing the instrument with water and lubricating it.


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