What Causes The Loose Tooth And How To Take Care?

For children, loose teeth are very normal, we do not need worry about that as long as they only affect their “baby teeth”. However, if your teeth are loose, or if one of your children has a loose adult tooth, you may need dental care to save it.


Adult tooth loosening can be caused by a variety of problems. Periodontal disease can cause the teeth to loosen in their nests. Grinding your teeth (bruxism) can cause tooth displacement. Traumatic injuries caused by contact sports or accidental falls can also cause loosening or even knocking out the teeth.

The good news is that loose teeth can almost always be saved if they are treated in time. So what should you do to take care of your loose teeth at home when you have them?

First, leave it alone. If your teeth are loose in the socket but still exist, make sure they remain in place. If your teeth are loose or completely detached, it is much more difficult to treat (you may need receive dental implant via professional dental implant machine if your tooth is completely missing). Please remember not using our tongue to poke your teeth, or using your fingers to move your teeth, or eating food that may stick to your teeth and even pulling it out, before you see a dentist.

Second, keep it clean. If your tooth is loose, you may not be able to clean it properly until the dentist recovers it. However, your loose tooth is a risk of infection, so if you can, you should try to remove debris and loose food particles. A good method is to gently rinse your mouth with room-temperature water.

Last but not less important, visit your dentist ASAP. All things you do avobe just can keep your loose tooth because only the professional dentist can truly restore their tooth. They can check and treat your oral disease with professional dental equipment, which can be purchased from China dental supply. So if you want to save it, please visit dentist as soon as possible – preferably within 24 hours of noticing the problem.

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