How to Choose Portable Dental Equipment?

Another and most widely used device option for school-based dental sealant programs is portable dental equipment. There are a lot of cheap portable dental unit for sale now, but the type and amount of portable dental equipment online needed depends upon the size of the program (e.g., the number of students receiving dental sealants), the number of dentists and dental hygienists applying sealants, and the type of sealant material used (e.g., self-cure, light-cure).

Portable dental equipment may have more changes in cost and quality than traditional dental equipment. The school’s dental sealant program can use many types of portable dental equipment. Most programs buy portable devices from a variety of manufacturers.

Before purchasing the equipment, the program manager may wish to ask the manufacturer for the contact information of the nearest customer and ask them about their experience with the equipment. In addition, manufacturers often attend public health meetings where potential buyers can test equipment.

All school-based dental sealants need the following portable equipment:


Dental unit Portable

dental oilless air compressor

Dental chair

Dental light

Dental hygienist and assistant stools

autoclave sterilizer class b

Ultrasonic cleaner

When selecting equipment, we need consider the individual planning needs and the type of vehicle used to transport the equipment from school to school.

Dental Unit

The dental unit should include a high-speed evacuation device and an air and water injector with a separate water source. The school’s dental sealant program does not require handpieces due to the use of unfilled dental sealants and toothbrush preventives. Consideration should be given to the weight, cost, ease of mobility, ease of use, ergonomic compatibility, maintenance requirements and availability of equipment. The tripod will prevent the device from swinging on uneven floors.


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