Why Dentists Choose Oil free Dental Air Compressor?

Oil-lubricated air compressors tend to be quieter and more durable than other models, making them look like the first choice for dental clinics, but this may not be the case.

The main reason many dentists choose oil-free compressors is that they have a lower risk of contaminating the compressed air with lubricant. These devices are also tend to be lighter, allowing them to be placed in a wide range of areas while still producing as much air flow and pressure as many oil lubricated models.


Such as the Greeloy GA-61 One By One Dental Oilless Air Compressor, it features:

Super silent – Low working noise, create a quiet working environment.

Low vibration – With special rubber feet, reduce vibration during operation.

Pure air flow – Oil free design, no lubrication oil needed during operation.

Core technology – Diamond hardness cylinder, ensure durable working performance.

Fashion and durable design – Compact structure, light weight. Under normal situation, can be used for more than 20000hours.

Use safety With multiple self protection system, if here will be abnormal with pressure, current or voltage the motor would cut off automatically to ensure equipment and personal safety

Easy operation – Quite simple operation, connect to power supply, then no need any more maintenance, just drainage regularly.

Low energy consumption – Full automatic design, automatic stop and restart control, low consumption.

High precision filtration – With double filters, ensure high precision of outlet air flow.

Tank inside has done anti-rust treatment Ensure pure outlet air flow for medical equipment

Eliminating the risk of contaminating the air is the biggest victory and the most rewarding because it protects the health and safety of patients, staff and those in your office waiting areas. Although you need a little maintenance, the health and safety issues clearly outweigh any benefit you’d see from using the heavier, lubricated air compressor models.

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