Can provide the right dental delivery device for your treatment room

In the dentist officed, the Treatment Rooms are where all the real magic happens and at the heart of it all are the dental delivery systems. The dental delivery systems used by individual dentists can be due to numerous variables: Personal preference, how he/she plans to do dentistry or affordability/inheritance.

Dental delivery units provide you with peace of mind with durable ABS housing and steel frame, reliable design, and a lifetime warranty on the control block diaphragm.

Dental delivery units

Our cabinet mounted delivery units can add a delivery system to any existing cabinetry. With several options to choose from, the cabinet mounted units add versatility, functionality, and efficiency to any practice.

They are designed for easy access to the handpieces, suction, syringes and more, including activation for the instruments with a foot pedal or control panel. The correct system for your surgery could save time, prevent frustration and give you a more ergonomic way of working.

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