What are the benefits of a high magnification dental loupe?

1. Magnified image

2. Brilliant illumination

3. Better posture and comfort

4. Increased precision

5. Improved dental care

6. Additional treatment options

7. Improved profitability

Once you have chosen your dental magnifying loupes, the care of them is critical to keeping them in great working condition. You will want to store and clean them properly to avoid scratches and to avoid getting them out of alignment. Recommended materials for cleaning are non-wood fiber wipes, cotton cloths, or microfiber. You can use running water to remove heavier debris and blood splatter but should avoid full immersion.

What are the benefits of a high magnification dental loupe?

Because we spend our days working in small spaces and are prone to neck, shoulder, and back pain, I feel that among many other ergonomic choices, a great pair of loupes is well worth the investment of money. I am confident that if you have not yet looked into loupes, you will be very pleased with the positive difference that they will make in your practice.

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