What is the Best Method To Whiten Your Teeth?

Are you still troubled by your yellowed or stained teeth? Do you want to have your teeth whiten? Do you know what’s the best option to whiten your teeth?


The only difference between the hundreds of dentist prescription whitening systems is the concentration of the gel (oxygenating agent) and how it is applied to your teeth. There are two main ways to perform tooth whitening:

Tray based whitening. The gel is placed in a custom night guard that is worn for a period of 10-14 days. The time you wear the tray depends on the type and concentration of the peroxide gel.

In-surgery whitening, also known as laser or electric bleaching. Here, a more concentrated gel is applied directly to the teeth and accelerated by heat or light (laser/power). We still make custom trays for patients to maximize whitening and maintenance.

Sensitivity to laser/power bleaching is usually only done for the remainder of the day. We recommend avoiding very hot or cold foods. Take any medication that can treat headaches. If you have a custom tray, put some sensitive toothpaste in the tray and wear it for 10 minutes.

The perfect teeth whitening experience combines effective teeth whitening materials with excellent tooth whitening lights. Whether you are a dental clinic or a mobile dental bleaching service, Dentalsalemall.com has a variety of dental led whitening machine (lights) and materials. Our teeth whitening system has a strong cool blue light, smart and compact design with adjustable light intensity And bleaching time. The teeth whitening system is highly efficient with a quiet cooling fan and a widescreen LCD display. This light can drive the tooth whitening agent, thereby oxidizing the tooth stains.

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