What’s Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is used to treat pathological conditions inside a tooth that have affected its nerve tissue, and often the tissues that surround its root too.


By completing a tooth’s treatment, a dentist can both resolve its internal problems as well as set the stage so your body’s healing process can take place as effectively as possible, thus allowing the tissues surrounding its root to return to and/or maintain a healthy status.

The procedure itself is basically a two-staged process.

Cleansing the tooth’s interior – The first portion of the procedure removes compromised (infected, necrotic, degenerating) tissues, and associated debris and contaminates, from within a tooth’s nerve space.

Sealing off the treated area – The procedure is completed by filling in and sealing off the tooth’s cleansed internal space, so contaminates can’t leak back in, or out.


Cleaning the tooth – What does this step accomplish?

Dentists use root canal treatment to resolve a wide range of nerve-related problems. For example, this same fix is used when a tooth’s nerve tissue is:

1. Acutely inflamed,

2. In the process of dying, or

3. Completely necrotic (dead).

During this step, ultrasonic scaler will be used. Here we suggest this woodpecker dte d7 scaler, which is mainly used for teeth cleaning and it is also an indispensable equipment for teeth disease prevention and treatment.

Necrotic pulp tissue removed from a tooth.

This is nerve tissue that’s been pulled out of a tooth’s canal.

Sealing off the tooth’s interior. – Why is this important?

The sealing aspect of the root canal procedure has to do with filling in and sealing off the (now empty) nerve space inside the tooth. Related to this goal, there are two objectives.

One of them is for the filling material to create a seal that prevents contaminates from seeping back into the tooth, so it’s not recontaminated. The other goal is just the opposite. The seal prevents any irritants still trapped in the tooth from seeping out.

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