How Intraoral Camera Works With Dental X-ray Unit

The intraoral camera and X-ray unit are imaging partners.


Portable Dental X-ray Unit machines are important diagnostic tools for dentists. Through X-rays, we can see the inside of the teeth and under the gums and gums. The intraoral camera adds another layer of knowledge by showing the condition of the outer enamel and the soft tissue of the tongue, mouth and gums. Using digital technology, individual teeth can be expressed as forty to fifty times the actual size. This allows the Sacramento Dental Group’s dentists to find cracks, voids and flaws that X-rays cannot show.

The intraoral camera also enables our dental team to show the patient exactly what the camera sees through the chair side monitor. Reading X-rays (the result of X-rays) can sometimes yield considerable experience, but cracks, holes or debris in the enlarged teeth on a computer monitor can produce identifiable images from the patient’s own mouth. The Sacramento Dental team also uses intraoral cameras to identify potential cancerous oral lesions or cysts through clear and high quality digital images. Therefore, the dentist should choose the appropriate oral endoscope to work with the handheld dental X-ray machine.

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