The Most Commonly Used Dental Laboratory Equipment

Choose the right dental laboratory equipment for proper foresight and planning. The day-to-day functions of the dental laboratory mean that the most up-to-date and reliable equipment used for each task must be successfully completed. Knowing what type of function is the highest quality laboratory performance will find the right dental assistant laboratory supplies and equipment.


Although there are many different items that are included in the dental laboratory equipment category, there are some common items that are used in virtually every dentist’s office. Polishing Machine, such as the AiXin® AX-J5 Dental Lab Polishing Compact Unit (Vacuum) Built-in Suction Dust Collector, which is used for polishing castings in dental laboratories and features low noise, high rotational speed, easy operations, and it is equipped with a suction box with light which can be connected to a dust collector for dust-free operations. The lathe, lighting system, safety eye shield and suction system make it convenient to use.

Another dental laboratory equipment is the Eclipse processing unit, which is the most common used type. The Eclipse is a detachable full or partial denture, part and temporary night safety device.

Many dealers now offer both new and re-certified models of medical equipment. To guarantee the quality of the products they supply, medical lab equipment suppliers offer service contracts including material service visits and on-site maintenance services. Effective repair and servicing is offered for used and re-certified models. The skilled technicians of the companies thoroughly inspect, reassemble, repair and visually inspect the equipment to ensure quality.

And there are more and more online store for easy product selection now. Most of the medical lab equipment suppliers maintain an online store, such as, displaying their large inventory of medical lab equipment, including item descriptions, technical information and equipment costs. Buyers just need to compare prices and features of different products and purchase the ones they need using the online purchase facilities that these websites offer.

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