How Does A Brushless Motor Work?

Unlike other brushed marathon lab micro motor, the brushless motors lose the brushes and commutators. And the position of the magnet and the winding are reversed: the magnet is on a conventional motor shaft, and the copper winding of the armature is fixed and surrounds the shaft. A small circuit board replaces the brushes and commutators to coordinate energy delivery to the windings.

Since the electronics communicate directly with the fixed windings, the tools are tuned to the task – which is why the company sells these as “smarter” tools. For example, if you use a brushless drill to screw a screw into Styrofoam, it is easier to feel the lack of resistance (compared to a wire drawing motor) and start pulling only a small amount of power required by the battery. If the tool then begins to place the 3-inch screw into the mahogany, it will adjust and draw more current accordingly. In contrast, brushed motors are always able to run as fast as possible when in use.

In addition, the overall function of the brushless motor is more powerful. Since the copper windings are located outside of the motor configuration, there is enough room for them to become larger. The brushless motor also does not have the friction and voltage drop generated by the brush generated by dragging the rotary commutator. This physical contact results in a sustained energy loss during operation.

The brushless dental micro motor features high-precision manufacturing, with a high degree  of coaxial output, using the most advanced brushless DC motor technology, digital intelligent control, brushless maintenance-free, non commutation spark, more power, more torque, higher speed, longer  life, quieter. Intelligent closed-loop control, speed closed loop control. Touch keypad, the operation more comfortable and convenient. Ergonomic design, feel comfortable, the appearance of small, more texture.

The net gain is a tool that is more efficient and more durable. So it goes without saying that by the end of this year, every power tool will be equipped with a brushless motor, right? Milwaukee’s Coulis said that this is not an accidental opportunity.

Brushless motors will continue to exist, but it may take some time to filter the technology to all power tools for weekend DIY users.

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