The Reason Why You Buy China Dental Chair Unit

For most dentists, buying a dental chair is the first agenda to building their own clinics. It is the centerpiece of their dental practice. Nowadays, most dentists buy china dental equipment because of their good quality at reasonable prices. Further, most dental chair parts are made and sourced from China. Even if your dental chairs are imported from other countries sure one part of it or another is from China.

Tuojian Dental Chair Complete Dental Treatment unit Sensor Light TJ2688 A1
A800 Cartoon Design Pediatric Dental Chair Children Dental Unit with Cartoon Fish Operating Unit

1/ With the same budget, Chinese brand dental chairs have more choices.
There are a number of dental chair manufacturers in China and they offer various types of chairs, from the standard to the portable. You will definitely be able to find the right dental chair that is suitable for your needs.

2/ High-quality and affordable prices
Chinese manufacturers are known for their stuff pretty cheap. A dental chair China is no exception. If you continue to search for other dental chairs, you will find that the prices made in China are not only competitive in the global market but also among their lowest prices. Because they are cheap but at the same time also created, they are the best choice for those looking to buy dental chairs in large quantities and for those just starting out in their dental practices.

3/ Durable with proper care and maintenance
Because of its good quality, you can be sure that a dental chair in China lasts long. During the time that you treat it carefully and do not be reckless, a dental chair China not break easily or has any damage. Apart from normal wear and tear, proper maintenance will ensure that your dental chair function properly throughout the same as the first time you bought and used. Proper maintenance includes cleaning and disinfection constant, the air and water supply should be checked regularly to prevent clogging and periodic verification and by an authorized technician must be done.

4/ Easy to source dental chair spare parts
If you go to a dentist, it checks your dental chair, probably already is made in China, or at least some of the parts are. Since dental chairs from China are common and most dentists use them, their parts are not that hard to find and there are technicians who can easily repair them.

5/ Complete with all basic and necessary functions
For dental chairs, there are a lot of basic components that are important. These basic components must be available and present in every dental chair. A dental chair should be retractable with a seat, a headrest, a backrest, armrest, and leg rest. You must have attached to it the line of water, spittoon bowl, micromotor, and a ceiling lamp compressed air. A control panel with buttons or touch screens must also be present. These are the basic features in a dental chair that are required to perform adequately so dental procedures.

6/ It can be customized according to your different needs.
However, given that the most likely dental chair is to be the center or the main attraction of the clinic and possibly be the first thing that his patient would notice, it is important for your dental chair that is both aesthetically pleasing at the same time it would complement the theme or style of your clinic.

To do this, when you order a complete dental chair unit in China, you can be customized according to your needs. It can be customized in terms of fabric, color, and finishes to suit the overall aesthetics of your clinic.


Types of Dental Lab Zirconia Blocks

The 3D Multi-layer dental zirconia block has unique features of shade, translucency, and strength change in one block. It is best preferred for the open dental cad cam milling system. Some of its features include;

Different shades are available ie Vita 16 A-D shades available
6 layers of shade transition in nature from cervical to incisal.
High translucency (43-57% total light transmittance from cervical to incisal)
High flexural strength (600-900Mpa:600Mpa in incisal transfer to 900Mpa in the cervix);

  1. 3D Pro Multilayer Dental Zirconia Blocks
    The 3D Pro Multilayer Dental Zirconia Blocks have a high melting point of Melting point, therefore it can repel melting during the milling process.

Its Features:
Have good flowability
High melting point
Simple to treat and clean as they have good anti-static properties
Less adherence to milling equipment eases the use of hand milling
Features a three-dimensional gradient
Strong nature, therefore it lasts for long;

Aesthetic Restoration Zirconia Multilayer
  1. Preshade Dental Zirconia Blocks-Wieland System

Vita 16 colors pre shade dental zirconia blocks series;
4Pc minimum quantity, DHL Delivery.

Product Features:
Pre-shaded technics
Uniform color
Without post dyeing process
Suitable for all contour crown, bridge, and anterior
Safety: No irritation, No corrosion, Good bio-compatibility
Beauty: Natural teeth color can be reproduced
Comfort: Low thermal conductivity, hot and cold changes do not stimulate the pulp
Durability: Over 1200MPa perturbed strength, durable and useful.

Sintering Zirconia Blocks: What You Need to Know

How to sinter the zirconia blocks?

Every steps are very important to help the good result of the teeth.
How to have a good strength of the dental zirconia block?
How to have a good translucency of the zirconia dental block?
How to have a good color of the zirconia block dental lab?
Sinter the zirconia blank according to our below dental zirconia blank instructions will help you to get a good strength, high translucency, good color teeth.

Points to note about zirconia block dental sintering:

Precautions for the use of zirconium beads:
Zirconium beads should be replaced in time if the following situations occur
Severe discoloration
Incomplete or broken shape
The color has no transparency and no gloss
Check whether the zirconium beads are stuck before sintering. If the zirconium beads are stuck, separate the zirconium beads to ensure good fluidity.
The number of zirconium beads should ensure that they can completely cover the bottom of the sagger (1-2 layers).
When replacing the new zirconium beads, first burn the zirconium beads together with the waste material for 1-2 times before sintering the restoration.

Factors that may affect color:
The silicon-molybdenum rods, refractory materials, internal structure of the sintering furnace, program settings, crucibles and sintering beads used in the sintering furnace of various manufacturers are different, which will cause the zirconia crown to be sintered in the sintering furnace in a different environment, which ultimately affects the color deviation of the sintered crown.

Cleaning and maintenance of sintering furnace:
Cleaning method: scrape off the impurities in the furnace, and then put the waste zirconia scraps into the furnace for burning.
Check the heating element of the sintering furnace before sintering. If there is peeling on the surface of the heating rod (silicon-molybdenum rod), put only the scrap material for sintering.
When the equipment is not in use, the furnace should be closed to ensure a dry environment inside the furnace.
Please keep the operation room of the sintering equipment clean and tidy.

The best way to sintering – to put the zirconia block to the red circle place or sintering with pot:

The commonly used method for sintering long bridges:
The connecting rods inside are provided by the computer, and the middle needs to be hollowed out, so that they will shrink evenly during sintering, and will not be easily deformed. In addition, it is recommended to sinter it upright, provided that the tooth does not touch the top of the furnace hearth, stand up for sintering, and set a flat surface under it. When the whole tooth shrinks, it will shrink more freely, so that it will not deform.

If you need other dental lab blocks such as dental pmma blocks, please visit our

What factors should consider when buy whitening lamp?

Although dental whitening lamps are one option for whitening teeth, they may not be the best. And is it even the most durable? How can you tell if the whitening lamp you choose is the best for you and your practice? Sometimes it can be difficult to see the specifications and decide which features to choose when so many products offer the same features. Are you aware of the key settings that you should be looking for when selecting a whitening light?


The best whitening lamp features:

The number of options that each patient has to whiten their teeth can often reflect the quality of a lamps.

However, there are some other criteria that help differentiate whitening lamps.

You can find these devices in many sizes and weights. They almost all have casters. We will concentrate on the functionality of the arm joints, and the ease with which we can use the device without feeling overwhelmed.

To best suit each patient, some whitening lamps include functions for adjusting operating times and colour change.

The LED can project more colours, increasing the wavelength. This allows for patients to be treated more or less effectively depending upon their sensitivity.

A ventilator in a lamp will give you more comfort, but the ventilator may make it annoying to hear.

To avoid any sensitization of patient’s teeth, heat must be produced in a reasonable amount.

The Guide to Portable Dental X-Ray Units & Dental X-Ray Sensors

What is a Portable Dental X-Ray Unit and How Does it Work?
A portable dental x-ray machine is a device that can be used to find cavities or other dental problems. It works by sending an x-ray beam into the mouth and then capturing the image on film or digital media.

A portable dental x-ray unit is a device that can be used to find cavities or other dental problems. It works by sending an x-ray beam into the mouth and then capturing the image on film or digital media.
It is also known as a portable dental x-ray sensor, and it has been around since the 1960s, when it was first introduced in Japan. A portable dental x ray unit consists of a digital dental x ray sensor, which emits radiation in order to take an image of your teeth.

How to Choose the Best Portable Dental X-Ray Unit for Your Office?
The best portable dental x ray machine should be able to provide a clear and high-quality image. It should be lightweight and easy to transport. It should also have a rechargeable battery that can last for more than one day.

The best portable dental x ray machine is the one that meets all the above requirements, but it is not always easy to find it.
Portable dental x-ray units are used in offices, clinics, and hospitals for different purposes like detecting cavities or any other oral health problems. They are also used by dentists when they need to take radiographs of their patients’ teeth or jaws.

Woodpecker Digital Dental DBA i-Sensor

Why Should Consider Buying a Portable Dental X Ray Unit
As a business owner, you may not have time to write blog posts for your company. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t take your blog to the next level with a digital writing assistant.

A digital writing assistant is an AI program that can generate content for you at scale. This means that you don’t need to invest in costly writers or spend hours on social media trying to find new content ideas.
A portable dental x ray unit is a valuable asset in any dental office because it can help diagnose dental problems and detect cavities without the use of radiation and X-rays.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Portable Dental X Ray Unit
A portable dental x ray unit is a great investment for any company that needs to produce content at scale.

A portable drench x ray unit can be used by marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to generate content at scale. This is a great investment for any company that needs to produce content on the go. It’s also a cost-effective option when compared to hiring an in-house copywriter or outsourcing the work.

The 5 reasons why you should get a portable dental x ray unit right now are:
-It’s easy to use
-It allows you to create high quality content
-It saves time and money
-It’s an environmentally friendly option -You can use it anywhere.

What is a Dental Operatory Light and How Does it Actually Work?

A dental operatory light has different types including dental wall mounted light and dental light ceiling mount is a device that helps to provide illumination for the dentist during their work. It helps them to locate and identify different objects in their field of vision.
The dental operatory light is a great investment for any dentist, as it can help to reduce the risk of injury or accidents during surgery, improve patient safety, and increase efficiency.
A dental operatory light is also important for patients who are undergoing dentistry procedures in general. The purpose of this device is to provide bright lighting and illuminate everything that may be hidden from view by shadows or darkness.

How to Properly Install & Maintain a Dental Lamp
A dental lamp is a light therapy system that is used to improve the health of your teeth and gums. It emits light that has a wavelength that helps with the healing process of your teeth.
Light therapy systems are beneficial in many ways, but they can be tricky to install and maintain properly. This article will provide you with tips on how to properly install and maintain your dental lamp.
A dental lamp is a device used by dentists for the treatment of gum disease, tooth decay, inflammation, or other oral conditions. The device uses light with wavelengths in the range of 400-800 nm (nanometers) to stimulate oral tissue repair and wound healing processes.

What are the Advantages of Using an LED Dental Operatory Lamp?
LED dental operatory lamps are becoming a popular choice among dentists. They are smaller, more efficient, and they last longer than their predecessors.
LED dental operatory lamps provide the best illumination for dental procedures. They provide a clearer view of the procedure and they don’t require any special light bulb or filters.

Some other advantages of LED dental operatory lamps include:

  • No heat generation – no risk of fire or electrocution
  • Durable – can withstand high temperatures and vibrations
  • Smaller size – easier to transport and store.

How to Choose Teeth Whitening Lamp Within Your Budget

What is a Teeth Whitening Lamp and How Does it Actually Work?
A teeth whitening machine is a device that emits light to the teeth. This light helps to remove stains and improve the appearance of your teeth.
The first thing you will notice about this device is the way it looks. It has a futuristic design that makes it look like something out of a movie or sci-fi novel. But what makes this device unique is how it works. It uses LED light to remove stains on your teeth without damaging them in any way, which means you don’t have to go through hours of painful whitening treatments at the dentist’s office every few weeks.
The LED lamp has two settings – blue and red, and you can use it for up to four hours per day with no side effects or harmful effects on your teeth.

What are the 5 Factors to Consider before Buying a Teeth Whitening Machine?
There are many different types of teeth whiteners, but before you make your purchase, you should consider the following factors to help you decide which is best for you.
Factors to Consider before Buying a Teeth Whitening Machine:

  1. Your budget: You need to think about how much money you want to spend on a teeth whitener. Some cost less while others cost more.
  2. Your teeth condition: If your teeth are stained and yellow, then it is important that you use a product that can remove stains and whiten your teeth without damaging them in the process
  3. The type of toothpaste that you use: It is important that the toothpaste has a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide so that the toothpaste can work efficiently.

What is a Teeth Whitening Machine and How do They Work?
Teeth whitening is a process of removing stains from teeth using chemicals, usually hydrogen peroxide. It is done by placing a bleaching agent on the teeth and then exposing them to light.
Teeth whitening kits are available in different sizes and shapes that are designed specifically for use with teeth whitening machines. They come in different materials such as plastic, metal, or even bamboo.

How to Choose the Best Teeth Whitening Lamp for You?
There are many types of led teeth whitening lamps. These lamps are designed to target different parts of the mouth. They are also designed for different purposes, such as home use or professional use.
There is a lot to consider when buying a teeth whitening lamp. It is important to know what you will be using it for and what features you want in your lamp. You also need to know which manufacturer makes a good product and which features they offer so that you can find the best product for your needs.
To find out more about how to choose the best teeth whitening lamp, read this article!

Tips on Selecting the Proper Gold smelting equipment

It can be hard to choose the right jewelry making machine for your forge, with so many choices. A blacksmithing furnace is an essential part of any forge. But how do you find the best one for you? To help you make the right choice, here are some tips.

For general blacksmithing purposes, there are many types of furnaces you can choose from. You have to decide which fuel and furnace will work best for you and your specific projects. There are several types of blacksmithing forges: electric, induction and propane. There are many fuel types that burn at different heats. These differences will determine which type of gold melting furnace you should use. Consider the melting point of your materials and how long the forging process will last on average when selecting a blacksmithing tool.

A type of blacksmithing process that is used in jewelry smelting is an example. There are many melting points for precious metals used in jewelry-making. You will need a furnace capable of operating at different temperatures if you are going to use different metals in your jewelry-making processes. Induction and electric furnaces can be adjusted easily, making them perfect for making delicately melting jewelry.

Consider your workshop’s location, materials, and surroundings when selecting the furnace. You might choose a furnace for your home forge that is smaller than one you would use in a larger, more professional workshop. You should exercise caution when using charcoal and coal forges in enclosed spaces such as garages or sheds. They can produce toxic fumes. Whatever the size of your workshop, make sure it has adequate ventilation. A propane furnace or an electric furnace is preferred by some home blacksmiths due to their ease of obtaining fuel.

The best gold melting furnace for you workshop will depend on your choice of materials, your experience and your space. When you are setting up your blacksmithing space, keep these things in mind. We also offers a variety of jewelry making tools with high quality and affordable price.

Is Blue Light Good to Teeth Whiteing?

How does blue light teeth whitening work?
Your dentist will apply a whitening gel to your teeth. Then they will use a blue LED light, which activates the hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide whitening gel. This dhelps break apart the gel faster. The resulting chemical reaction lifts stains off your teeth.

Mobile Dental Teeth Whitening LED Lamp
Mobile Dental Teeth Whitening LED Lamp Light Bleaching Accelerator Wheel

Does it work?
The research is mixed about the effectiveness of using a light source like an LED light to help whiten your teeth.Blue light teeth whitening side effects.
Generally speaking, 2014 literature suggests that teeth whitening methods that use hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, including blue light whitening methods, are safe. This includes both clinical studies and in vitro studies, which are studies on teeth outside of a person’s mouth.

How to use blue light teeth whitening products
A blue light teeth whitening with mobile teeth whitening machine lets you whiten your teeth at home. One thing to consider: The at-home kits tend to contain solutions that are not as strong as the ones you get in your dentist’s office.Other types of light teeth whitening treatments.

Blue light treatment is not the only light-based teeth whitening treatment available. Ask your dentist about these other treatments that they may offer in their offices.

What to Look for in an aerosol suction unit

You will find all kinds of portable aerosol suction system or extaoral suction unit in the market this year. You might want to know how to find a right one for your office. We’ve assembled a list of things to consider when searching for an aerosol suction unit to fit in your office…

Suction power- should we look at motor power (watts), pressure rating or airflow rate?

The customers want a machine with high suction power to capture as much aerosol as possible. So what does it mean high suction power? Which number on the product specs should we compare among different models? The short answer is bigger motor or higher pressure doesn’t guarantee the equipment can take more aerosol than a smaller unit.  The number really matters to us is the airflow rate (or volume flow), which is calculated by multiplying air velocity by the cross section area of a suction duct/pipe.  It can be translated to ACH (air changes per hour) in OSHA standard, meaning the number of times air is replaced in an hour. Volume flow is usually measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM).Higher airflow (CFM) also means high face velocity from the suction hood and higher velocity pressure (suction power) in the pipe.

Dynamic Chairside Extraoral Aerosol Suction Unit External Oral Suction System DS1000
Dynamic Aerosol Suction DS1000

Let’s compare product A (1000 Watt) and product B (200 Watt) in the picture below. The negative pressure at fan inlet is claimed at -25kPa for product A, while the negative pressure at fan inlet is 3kPa for product B. However, both airflow is rated at 150CFM. What would you choose? Should we choose the higher suction pressure?

The most important factor is how much air with aerosol can be sucked into the system. In other words, how fast the polluted air around dentist’s operation area can be replaced with HEPA filtered clean air. Same airflow rate means the same face velocity and air movement from the suction hood. If the airflow is the same, bigger motor and high pressure may only indicate less efficiency design, higher noise level (db) or higher utility cost to the office.  That’s why OSHA and ASHRAE ventilation standard 62.1 gives specific ACH (air exchange per hour) requirements for different space types instead of using motor horsepower or fan inlet pressure.

You should be also careful about the number claimed on the manufacturer’s specs. For example, a product was claimed suction power of 4000 L/min (141CFM) air volume and 25kPa pressure, which is equal to 100 in. water gauge pressure. You may ask your engineer friend if a 1,000Watt fan can provide 100 inch pressure in real world. Here’s a simple calculation for fan power: required fan power= 141CFM*100 in./(100%*6356)=2.21HP=1,653Watt- this is the power needed with a 100% fan efficiency (which is impossible). Now we find the over-claim in this specs. 

Yusendent COXO Dental Extra Oral Vaccum Aerosol Suction Unit + UV Disinfection SC-V102
COXO Aerosol Suction SC-V102

Air Filtering Standard:  Why HEPA?  HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. It is a standard defined and developed by the U.S. Department of Energy during the 1940s as part of their efforts to contain the spread of particles and contamination resulting from nuclear testing. This standard has since moved into the consumer market and has become commonplace for medical grade filtration.
True HEPA generally ranges from H10-H12. This is the “grade” of HEPA or the level of efficiency. The higher the grade, the better the filter. HEPA H13-H14 are within the highest tier of HEPA and are considered medical grade quality. Whereas H10-H12 filters only trap 85-99.5% of all particles that are 0.1 microns in diameter, HEPA H13 and H14 trap 99.95% and 99.995% of such particles, respectively.
Medical grade HEPA filters are commonly used in pharmaceutical manufacturing and electronic control rooms because they have a greater particulate retention rate. This means medical grade HEPA filters are more efficient in removing harmful toxins and airborne with virus from the environment. And you can always upgrade your filter from H13 to H14 anytime.


Unlike True HEPA, “HEPA Type” and “HEPA Like” filters fail the standard. These terms are essentially meaningless and are used in order to confuse consumers into purchasing lower quality filters and air purifiers. While it is variable what percentage of particles these filters do remove, it is certain that they do not remove 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in diameter. These filters are less dense and thus unable to trap the smallest and most harmful particles.

So, to answer one of the first questions: No – there are not different types of HEPA. There is either HEPA or NOT HEPA.

Noise Level:  You want this to be as low as possible, but realize some of the high capacity aerosol suction units do make noise. Working in a noisy environment for a long time can be painful. Also make sure the unit come with speed adjustment function to lower the noise level if necessary.

Cost of Replacement Parts:  

Find out what it costs to replace filters and other parts. Make sure it is easy to access the filter chamber. Do you want to pay extra for technician to do maintenance?

Electricity Costs: Know how much it costs to run an electronic air cleaner.
Comparison of a 200 Watt High Efficiency motor and 1800 Watt motor
The electricity cost is $0.15/kWh * 1800 hrs * (1.8-0.2) = $432 with assumption of 1800hr run time and utility rate at 0.15/kWh

Warranty: Learn about the warranty available for the unit you are considering. Normally the cosmetic and consumables are not covered in Warranty.

Indicator Lights or alarm for Filter Changes:  

Some units have them. It’s not necessary, but is kind of convenient.

Multi-layer Filters: Does the unit have a pre-filter and middle layer of filter to increase HEPA filter efficiency? A pre-filter and middle layer filter can make the HEPA filter last longer with better efficiency.

Size and Look of the Aerosol suction unit:  Some dental aerosol suction units are big and ugly. Others are sleek and pleasing to the eye.

Choice of suction duct/pipeSome people like the convenience of flexible duct. But many others prefer the better looking and sturdy aluminum arm. Based on our observation and experience, the flexible duct doesn’t last as long as the aluminum arm/pipe.

Tips on Selecting a Perfect Dental Extra-oral Vacuum Machine