What’s Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is used to treat pathological conditions inside a tooth that have affected its nerve tissue, and often the tissues that surround its root too.


By completing a tooth’s treatment, a dentist can both resolve its internal problems as well as set the stage so your body’s healing process can take place as effectively as possible, thus allowing the tissues surrounding its root to return to and/or maintain a healthy status.

The procedure itself is basically a two-staged process.

Cleansing the tooth’s interior – The first portion of the procedure removes compromised (infected, necrotic, degenerating) tissues, and associated debris and contaminates, from within a tooth’s nerve space.

Sealing off the treated area – The procedure is completed by filling in and sealing off the tooth’s cleansed internal space, so contaminates can’t leak back in, or out.


Cleaning the tooth – What does this step accomplish?

Dentists use root canal treatment to resolve a wide range of nerve-related problems. For example, this same fix is used when a tooth’s nerve tissue is:

1. Acutely inflamed,

2. In the process of dying, or

3. Completely necrotic (dead).

During this step, ultrasonic scaler will be used. Here we suggest this woodpecker dte d7 scaler, which is mainly used for teeth cleaning and it is also an indispensable equipment for teeth disease prevention and treatment.

Necrotic pulp tissue removed from a tooth.

This is nerve tissue that’s been pulled out of a tooth’s canal.

Sealing off the tooth’s interior. – Why is this important?

The sealing aspect of the root canal procedure has to do with filling in and sealing off the (now empty) nerve space inside the tooth. Related to this goal, there are two objectives.

One of them is for the filling material to create a seal that prevents contaminates from seeping back into the tooth, so it’s not recontaminated. The other goal is just the opposite. The seal prevents any irritants still trapped in the tooth from seeping out.

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High Speed Dental Handpieces Are Not Only A Drill

If there is no ubiquitous “bit”, it is difficult to imagine dentistry, which high snoring will make the patient feel cringe. Today, there are more choices for dental handpiece than ever before. But for removing rotten tooth structures or old restorations, crowns, finishing and polishing, and even endodontic work, it is difficult to beat high-speed handpieces.


High-speed handpieces can be either air-driven or electric. While electric devices are popular in Europe, more economical pneumatic phones are more traditional among American clinicians. But as more practitioners in the United States experience the benefits of electric vehicles, this seems to be changing.

Speed vs. Torque Dental Handpieces

At speeds of up to 420,000 rpm, high-speed dental turbine handpiece may exceed the motor, typically reaching the highest at 200,000 rpm, but they lack the latter’s torque and are known to stall under load. In fact, once their surfaces hit the surface, their speed may drop by as much as 40% or more.

Most air-driven dental handpieces can only deliver up to 30 watts of power, while electric devices provide up to 60 watts of power, which can cut off the toughest jobs directly. In fact, when tested using a variety of materials, including processable glass ceramics and amalgam, they found that they outperformed air turbine handsets in terms of cutting efficiency.

Air-driven handpieces are lighter and more compact than electric handpieces. But electronic devices are quieter and, due to higher torque, are said to reduce upper body fatigue and generate less heat. In particular, this coxo high speed handpiece is widely used in dentistry and has been highly praised by professionals all the time!

What Are the Benefits of Using Dental Loupes?

Dental loupes allow the dentist to have a better view of the patients, and to maintain proper posture. They are some of the most important devices that dentists can use to improve dentistry and make accurate diagnoses while providing appropriate treatment.


The dental loupes not only provide the dentist with a better view of the patient’s performance, but also provide a better ergonomic design. Dentists often experience a lot of back and neck pain as they keep bending. This leads to a bad posture. Dental Binocular Loupes help dentists maintain a healthy posture, reduce back and neck pain, and improve vision, allowing them to identify the most subtle details during dental treatment and surgery.

A good pair of dental loupes not only provides clear and magnified images, but also provides a good depth of view, which promotes better posture while providing brighter images and excellent resolution. Other things to consider include the size of the field of view, the ease of use, the weight, and their comfort.

The dental loupes act as a magnifying glasses, expanding what can be seen in a person’s mouth. There are many reasons why these special types of glasses can be worn. First and perhaps more importantly, they help to significantly improve the dentist’s vision by magnifying everything in the field of vision. The dental loupes also makes it easier for the dentist to see the inside of a person’s mouth, thus minimizing laziness in the treatment.

Dental loupes help dentists perform more precise and accurate dental work while still allowing them to maintain proper posture. Therefore, dental loupes are essential equipment in the work of a dentist. And among all dental loupes, the ymarda loupes are the most welcomed by dentists because of their sophisticated design and adjustable flexibility!


YUSENDENT, A New Brand of Dental Equipment

Maybe the most familiar dental brand is COXO, especially the coxo dental turbine, which is used widely among dentistry. Today we will introduce you a new brand – YUSENDENT!


YUSENDENT is the newest brand of COXO, produce by the same factory with COXO.

FOSHAN YUSENDENT MEDICAL INSTRUMENT CO., LTD is a professional medical instrument and dental component manufacturer. They have got approval of ISO, and almost all of their products have CE certificates.

The major products of YUSENDENT includes high and low speed Dental Handpiece, Dental Implant motor, Endodontic Treatment, Apex locator, LED curing light, Teeth whitening accelerator, Obturation system, Pulp tester, Caries Detector, Amalgamator and Alginate mixer kinds of dental lamp, Led dental lamp, film viewer etc. dental parts and components.

So it is very safe for you to purchase the YUSENDENT brand of dental equipment. If you have any after-sales problems, just contact the customer service at dentalsalemall.com, they will handle it for you with their best!

How to Choose Portable Dental Equipment?

Another and most widely used device option for school-based dental sealant programs is portable dental equipment. There are a lot of cheap portable dental unit for sale now, but the type and amount of portable dental equipment online needed depends upon the size of the program (e.g., the number of students receiving dental sealants), the number of dentists and dental hygienists applying sealants, and the type of sealant material used (e.g., self-cure, light-cure).

Portable dental equipment may have more changes in cost and quality than traditional dental equipment. The school’s dental sealant program can use many types of portable dental equipment. Most programs buy portable devices from a variety of manufacturers.

Before purchasing the equipment, the program manager may wish to ask the manufacturer for the contact information of the nearest customer and ask them about their experience with the equipment. In addition, manufacturers often attend public health meetings where potential buyers can test equipment.

All school-based dental sealants need the following portable equipment:


Dental unit Portable

dental oilless air compressor

Dental chair

Dental light

Dental hygienist and assistant stools

autoclave sterilizer class b

Ultrasonic cleaner

When selecting equipment, we need consider the individual planning needs and the type of vehicle used to transport the equipment from school to school.

Dental Unit

The dental unit should include a high-speed evacuation device and an air and water injector with a separate water source. The school’s dental sealant program does not require handpieces due to the use of unfilled dental sealants and toothbrush preventives. Consideration should be given to the weight, cost, ease of mobility, ease of use, ergonomic compatibility, maintenance requirements and availability of equipment. The tripod will prevent the device from swinging on uneven floors.


Why Dentists Choose Oil free Dental Air Compressor?

Oil-lubricated air compressors tend to be quieter and more durable than other models, making them look like the first choice for dental clinics, but this may not be the case.

The main reason many dentists choose oil-free compressors is that they have a lower risk of contaminating the compressed air with lubricant. These devices are also tend to be lighter, allowing them to be placed in a wide range of areas while still producing as much air flow and pressure as many oil lubricated models.


Such as the Greeloy GA-61 One By One Dental Oilless Air Compressor, it features:

Super silent – Low working noise, create a quiet working environment.

Low vibration – With special rubber feet, reduce vibration during operation.

Pure air flow – Oil free design, no lubrication oil needed during operation.

Core technology – Diamond hardness cylinder, ensure durable working performance.

Fashion and durable design – Compact structure, light weight. Under normal situation, can be used for more than 20000hours.

Use safety With multiple self protection system, if here will be abnormal with pressure, current or voltage the motor would cut off automatically to ensure equipment and personal safety

Easy operation – Quite simple operation, connect to power supply, then no need any more maintenance, just drainage regularly.

Low energy consumption – Full automatic design, automatic stop and restart control, low consumption.

High precision filtration – With double filters, ensure high precision of outlet air flow.

Tank inside has done anti-rust treatment Ensure pure outlet air flow for medical equipment

Eliminating the risk of contaminating the air is the biggest victory and the most rewarding because it protects the health and safety of patients, staff and those in your office waiting areas. Although you need a little maintenance, the health and safety issues clearly outweigh any benefit you’d see from using the heavier, lubricated air compressor models.

What Is an Ultrasonic Scaler?

Ultrasonic scalers are used to effectively remove plaque and stones from the teeth and to remove inflamed tissue from the crevice wall. The ultrasonic scaler features automatic frequency tracking to ensure that it runs at the most efficient frequency for optimum performance.


There are different types of cheap China ultrasonic scaler, but they all work in a similar way: the electromagnetic force in the unit’s hand-held “wand” causes its tiny tip to vibrate quickly. These vibrations occur at a faster rate than the speed of sound, effectively blowing away plaque, tartar and stains from the tooth surface.

Compared to hand scaling, thorough ultrasonic cleaning time is reduced by about a third – which means you need less time in the chair. Many patients prefer ultrasonics to other types of scaling, probably because it requires the clinician to use less force than a hand scaler to achieve the same effect. In ultrasonic scaling, only the tip of the tool touches the tooth surface and only for a short period of time.

By using a very small tip on the ultrasonic device, it is also possible to remove plaque and tartar deposits from under the gum line, which can reduce discomfort and result in deeper and better cleaning. Sometimes use an ultrasonic scaler first, then scale any stubborn areas by hand.

If you have very sensitive teeth, you can relieve some discomfort by using a slimmer tip on the scaler. Alternatively, a topical anesthetic may be applied, or conscious sedation can be administered. It is also possible to adjust the power range, irrigating water flow and tip vibration frequency for increased comfort.

UDS-L LED Ultrasonic Scaler (2)

The ultrasonic scaler with water bottle on dentalsalemall.com features a water bottle with an auto-water supply function, which makes it is easier to operate.

How to Make Your Teeth Whiter and Stronger

Many people want whiter teeth, but do you know that whiter teeth are a result of stronger, healthier enamel? This is because enamel – the outer protective layer of the teeth – is responsible for keeping the teeth white. Here are some tips to help strengthen your teeth and keep them white.


Eat more calcium-rich foods

Calcium is essential for strong, healthy teeth because it helps remineralize enamel, adding healthy quantities of dairy products, green leafy vegetables and nuts into your diet.

Drink water instead of soda or juice

Acidic drinks such as soda and juice can cause enamel to wear, causing the teeth to turn yellow. Dental led whitening machine can help you to get your yellow teeth retuen white! Water is a more enamel-friendly choice.

Brush teeth with enamel-strengthening toothpastes

Use special toothpastes such as Pronamel®Strong and Bright. It is formulated to strengthen enamel and whiten teeth, brushing your teeth twice a day for a whiter smile.

Avoid eating foods and drinks that stain enamel

Things like dark soda, red wine, tomatoes and coffee contain a combination of acids and pigments that can fade or weaken your enamel.

Don’t forget your oral care

Good oral care is more than just proper brushing. Remember to floss and brush your mouth – because healthy mouth and gums also help keep your teeth healthy and white.

Last but not unimportant, keep to visit your dentist for regular checkups to maintain your oral healthy and avoid any oral diseases! The dentist not only can check your cracked teeth with dental loupes, but also can confirm if you have any oral disease through X-rays.

Importance Of Dental Surgical Lights For A Dental Practice

 As we know, there are a lot kind of dental surgical lights for sale in market to meet different dental practices. Such as the wall mounted dental light, ceiling mounted dental light, dental chair led lightand so on. Why? Because the dental surgical lights acts an very important in dental surgeries. On the small side, it can make patients and dentists feel comfortable. And on big side, it can even determine the success of the surgery.


 During surgery, lighting has two functions: task lighting and ambient lighting. Ideally, for the rest of the practice, brightness should still be a consideration, depending on the environment. Understanding the possibilities and solutions is critical to achieving the best results for lighting and the improvements it brings. 

Regarding the contrast light source for dental surgery, most dentists must adjust their vision to cope with the lighting conditions produced by surgical lights and ceiling lighting. As we age, our vision will gradually deteriorate, which means our eyes need more light to see the same degree. Eye fatigue, fatigue, headache and environmental stress are common diseases, as well as neck and back strain. All of this can be prevented with optimal illumination settings to minimize strain risk while ensuring the most favorable patient’s oral vision. 

Perfect dental surgical lights should strike a balance between providing high-intensity illumination to improve work accuracy, especially when repairing and color matching procedures such as beauty work, as well as reducing eye strain and increasing energy levels, because light can affect how you feel How tired at the end of the day. 


How Intraoral Camera Works With Dental X-ray Unit

The intraoral camera and X-ray unit are imaging partners.


Portable Dental X-ray Unit machines are important diagnostic tools for dentists. Through X-rays, we can see the inside of the teeth and under the gums and gums. The intraoral camera adds another layer of knowledge by showing the condition of the outer enamel and the soft tissue of the tongue, mouth and gums. Using digital technology, individual teeth can be expressed as forty to fifty times the actual size. This allows the Sacramento Dental Group’s dentists to find cracks, voids and flaws that X-rays cannot show.

The intraoral camera also enables our dental team to show the patient exactly what the camera sees through the chair side monitor. Reading X-rays (the result of X-rays) can sometimes yield considerable experience, but cracks, holes or debris in the enlarged teeth on a computer monitor can produce identifiable images from the patient’s own mouth. The Sacramento Dental team also uses intraoral cameras to identify potential cancerous oral lesions or cysts through clear and high quality digital images. Therefore, the dentist should choose the appropriate oral endoscope to work with the handheld dental X-ray machine.

There are a lot of high quality cheap China intraoral camera and dental X-ray machines as well as other dental equipment for sale online at dentalsalemall.com, you can have a look and choose the ones you like best!